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Welcome to Events World Television LIVE Broadcast major events streming around the world to Smartphones, Pads, Pc's and SmartTv's Globally. Where ever you can pull up a browser and worldwide "Pay Per View" access. That’s Correct, Watch your favorite recording artist or bands LIVE in Concert. You’re just a few clicks away from accessing the most powerful entertainment source in the World. Enjoy The Power of Events Word Television! A Division of ASA Television Corporation

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FAQ's Frequently asked questions

Personal Computers, Smart Phones and Smart TV Browsers are the most reliable source to watch Events World Television.

1. What do you need to know before purchasing access to watch our Live Broadcast?

Make sure your phone media/browser drivers are up to date and plays Html5 streams. By going to our public website and watching the Flat Screen to Test your device at, before purchasing access to our PPV Channel. If device does not play the flat screen streams - DO NOT PURCHASE ACCESS TO OUR PPV CHANNEL. Your phone does not support flash and html5. This means you are not able to access WWW.EVENTSWORLDTELEVISION.TV live Stream on our premium PPV channel.

2. What happens if my device does not have FlASH and HTML5 streaming drivers?

You must download a flash browser before accessing our broadcast. Here’s the browsers we recommend!

3. What about home and Smart Tv's?

(Test your smart TV's Browser with our public channel first. Www.EventsWorld.TV. Unless your Smart TV has a browser that clearly permits you to play flash and Html5 streaming content. Do Not purchase a PPV stream.

4. How do I view the broadcast stream on Smartphones, Pc's, Ipads and Smart Tv's?

(make sure your device has good wireless connectivity - all or 80% of its signal bars) Make sure your device is fully charged. If your device drops the broadcast. You will not be allowed re-entry without paying another fee, there’s no re-imbursement!

5. What about refunds?

Events World Television will refund guest for any outage, directly related to our CDN or Data Center power failure, Only!

6. What happens if I have poor player quality?

Due the unreliability of telecomm. poor phone circuitry, wireless connection, low battery life and/or faulty device.Becasue fault cannot be proven (there are no refunds for poor quality)

T & C Terms & conditions for the event

There are no refunds for drop or failed device connectivity to events streaming broadcast!

  • Event World is not responsible for poor visibility, due devices not designed for live stream broadcast.
  • There will be no refunds for guest logging into events world, while there is not an event scheduled.
  • Events world is not responsible for rated R language or violent acts accruing within the live stream broadcast.
  • Parents are responsible for their children's online activities (via) child web monitoring safeguards. put in place by your internet carrier and device providers.

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