Make sure your phone media/browser drivers are up to date and plays steaming media. By contacting your ISP carrier or device manufacture, before purchasing access to our PPV Channel. If your device does not support streaming media players - DO NOT PURCHASE ACCESS TO OUR PPV CHANNEL. If your research finds your device or ISP does not support streaming media players. This means do not access or atempt to view WWW.EVENTSWORLDTELEVISION.TV live Stream.

You must download a media palyer input, browser or media player before accessing our broadcast. Here’s the browsers we recommend http://www.puffin.com/!

(Test your smart TV browser) before purchasing our streaming services. If Not-Do Not purchase our PPV stream.


Make sure your device has good wireless connectivity - all or 80% of its signal bars. Make sure your device is fully charged. If your device drops the broadcast. You will not be allowed re-entry without paying another fee, there’s no re-imbursement!

Events World Television will refund guest for any outage, directly related to our CDN or Data Center power failure, Only!

Due the unreliability of telecomm, poor phone circuitry, wireless connection, low battery life and/or faulty device. There are no refunds for poor quality.